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Wireless / Bluetooth

Veho Mimi Qube Wifi Speaker System

Model Number: VSS-002W-BLK

$149.95   $49.95
Ultra small footprint yet powerful WiFi speaker system. Starter kit includes USB dongle to connect to your notebook/PC or Mimi console system.

Veho Mimi wifi Keyboard & Air Mouse

Model Number: MINI-KEY-002

$169.00   $79.00
Integration of wireless mouse and keyboard into a single device, this Air keyboard the ultimate in technology innovation. It's built-in 3D motion mouse sensor helps you control the cursor. This 80 key mini keyboard allows you send emails anywhere and at anytime.

Veho Mimi wifi Keyboard & Air Mouse with game controller

Model Number: MIMI-KEY-003

$195.00   $89.00
Air Keyboard Gamer It’s not just a wireless keyboard; it’s also a gyro mouse and wireless gamepad. With Air Keyboard Gamer, you have all the tools you need. It will be a perfect match with your HTPC and PC games

Mimi Wireless Speaker 2 x 4.5W + 9W Subwoofer

Model Number: VSS-005W-X3

$399.00   $199.00
The new X and Q series range utilise 2.4 Ghz wireless technology to transmit clear and crisp sound to the portable speaker system. Following on from the... More